Research Paper On Police Brutality

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Jessica Siguenza Final Paper Police Brutality Police brutality is the abuse of authority by the unjustifiable of excessive force by employees in various aspects of law enforcement while in routine of their official duties. There are only a few statistics on police brutality. A 2006 Department of Justice report, showed that out of 26,556 citizen complaints made in 2002 regarding unnecessary use of police force amongst large U.S. agencies about 2000 resulted to have merit. In 1982, the federal government funded a "Police Services Study," in which over 12,000 randomly chosen citizens were interviewed at three metropolitan regions. The research concluded that 13.6 percent of those surveyed stated to have had a reason to complain about police…show more content…
It is clear that these officers took advantage of the situation and their authority. The videotape shows enough evidence for me to conclude this. Police Brutality might not be a major issue but I have witnessed it before as well, so I know it does happen. I’m from a small city named Danbury. Over the years Danbury has become a more of a violent place. Although I personally never had a police brutality encounter I have witnessed some friends. One night after the club was over a fight broke out, everyone scattered everywhere. The police was telling everyone to leave but one of my guy friends went back to the scene to get his friend. He couldn’t find him but he seen us and started walking towards us. A cop was around and started yelling “leave, keep walking.” My friend started yelling back and swearing but still continue to walk away. The cop follows him still arguing with him about his “mouth” and how he is trying to be a tough guy of course my guy friend is still talking back. I remember saying officer were leaving and out of nowhere I see the cop just grab him by the neck and pinned him down. My friend was arrested and left with some marks. Another incident, I remember back in August 2007 it was one night we were all at the carnival and a big fight broke out. Again everyone scattered everywhere. This time it was one of my best friends, she was trying to gather everyone so we can leave the carnival but two of us were missing. We all split up, me and her stayed around each other and the officers came telling us to leave we told him “Officer were just looking for our friend so we can leave” but he was not hearing us, he just kept yelling and yelling. Then my friend started getting loud to with him and then he just grabbed her so violently and put her in handcuffs. We went to the police department to look for her and we find out that it was
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