1.2 Explain the Factors That Need to Be Taken Into Account When Assessing Development.

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1.2 Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development. The factors that need to be taken into account when assessing the development should involve: • Confidentiality is very fundamental, especially for the safety of a child or young person confidentiality must be breached. When assessing a child I must be careful to take into account all the issues of confidentiality before carrying out the observation. I must have the parents’ and the settings permission and I am not allowed to leave the confidential material lying around. Such materials must be secured in the locked cabinet. I can only talk to the authorized personal about the confidential material. Such confidentially can only be broken when a child is at real risk. • Children’s wishes and feelings When carrying out observations I must consider the child’s wishes/desires and feelings if a child is upset or wants me to stop then I must stop the observation. It is important not to upset the child and cause the unnecessary disturbance. • Ethnic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds When I asses a child I must always take into account their ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds as they can play the important role in how the children acts and react in particularly situations. Their understanding of the words that are used can cause different reactions. Children can have different attitudes towards various things due to their ethnical, cultural, or linguistic background. Sometimes the behavioural skills and interests that children show are dependent on their upbringing and backgrounds, since our personalities and the way we behave are deeply rooted in culture and sub-culture. • Disability or specific requirements (Additional needs) Disability, or specific requirements need to be taken into account when carrying out any assessment /observation. We must avoid
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