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Self Delusion And Vanity Essay

  • Submitted by: lynleighmclain
  • on January 17, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Self Delusion And Vanity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is true that self-delusion and vanity are vital survival tools for the human being. These two strategies are most effective in dealing with the overall encumbrance of everyday life. Without either, one would be nothing, void of self-importance, merely an empty shell. The desire to live is foundationally related to ones feelings of self-worth; if one does not feel significant, then one might feel as though there is no reason to be living.
Self-delusion is a remarkably powerful thing. It’s capable of enabling total blindness to basic tenets of physical reality. This can be used when one does not want to fully confront the brutal reality that lies ahead. One convinces oneself of something, and in ones’ mind, it becomes true. In some cases, this delusion may be the only thing that keeps one continuing on through life. It’s human nature to avoid conflicts and issues that we cannot handle, therefore one would surely go mad if faced with all the turmoil burdening life.
At times when one feels unloved, vanity can be a wonderful thing. Seeing oneself as great, when no one else does, can be all one has. Vanity is the building up of oneself, boosting the ego and confidence, in order to make one feel more important. In the grand scheme of things, the role of one average human being compared to that of the higher ranking beings may seem a trivial matter. It may make one feel small, depressed, and useless. By being vain, it gives one a feeling of purpose, a love of how one is.
Vanity and self-delusion provide a means of protection from the despair that lurks throughout ones life. It’s a way of loving oneself when ones spirit is broken, and one has nothing left.   These are motivating tools, tools of survival that the human nature needs to continue on through the cycle of life.

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