Zinc Lab Essay

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Erjona Peci June 14th, 2015 Chemistry Lab 106 Section 9 Professor Halilovic The Castle of Quantification Lab Report * Observations of the Materials Used Material | Observations | Granular Zinc | Small Grainy like MetalSilver/Grey like color | Iodine Crystals | Small, spherical solidDark grey and smooth | Acidified Water | Liquid, a little murky but clear | Boiling Chip | Small and a solidWhite | * Procedure Steps | Observations | 1. Weigh the “R” labeled boiling tube. The “R” stands for reactants. Do the same for the Boiling tube labeled “P”, which stands for products. The “P” boiling tube contains one boiling chip as well. | Experiment #3Weight of Boiling tube “R”: 41.2 gramsWeight of Boiling tube “P” and chip: 40.5 gramsExperiment #6Weight of Boiling tube “R”: 41.32 gramsWeight of Boiling tube “P” and chip: 41 grams | 2. Then add 2.0 grams of Granular Zinc and 1.0 grams of Iodine (Experiment 3) Add 2 grams of Zinc and 2.5 grams of Iodine (Experiment 6) in another boiling tube. We did both experiments on different days. | Experiment #3Weight of Zinc: 2.0 gramsWeight of Iodine: 1.1 gramsExperiment #6Weight of Zinc: 2.02 gramsWeight of Iodine: 2.5 grams | 3. Then add 5 mL of acetic acid (acidified water) into the “R” boiling tube, and then after you pour it swirl vigorously. Continue swirling until the tube turns back into room temperature. Then you have to decant the solution in boiling tube “R” into boiling tube “P” without any granular zinc leaving boiling tube “R”. Then wash the zinc in the boiling tube “R” by adding 5 mL of acidified water, swirling and then decanting the solution into the “p” boiling tube. Repeat it 2 more times. | The liquid in the boiling tube “R” first starts out clear, and then once we add the acetic acid and swirl, the solution turns a yellow color, to then a brown-red color. The boiling tube
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