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Title of study: Development and Validation of the Nursing Severity Index A New Method for Measuring Severity of Illness Using Nursing Diagnosis

Purpose of study: The Purpose of this study was to develop and validate the Nursing Severity Index, a new method used to measure the admission severity of illness of hospital patients using nursing diagnoses, which categorize biologic, functional, cognitive, and psychosocial abnormalities.

Statistical methods and analysis used in study: First, the association between individual nursing diagnoses and in-hospital patient mortality was determined using Fisher's exact test. Second the relationship between in hospital-mortality and the number of admission nursing diagnoses was examined using the chi-square test, modified for linear trend. In this and subsequent analyses, the number of diagnoses included both the presence of diagnoses that were directly associated with mortality and the absence of the five diagnoses that were inversely associated with mortality. Third, diagnoses that were independently related to in-hospital mortality were identified; these diagnoses form the Nursing Severity Index. The 61 diagnoses were categorized into six groups of related diagnoses based on Gordon's model of, "dysfunctional health patterns", which reflect specific aspects of nursing care. Within each group, nursing diagnoses that were independently associated with mortality were identified using multiple logistic regression analysis with a stepwise selection rule and a criterion of P <0.01. For each patient, six group scores were then calculated by summing the number of nursing diagnoses in each group that were independently associated with mortality. In a second logistic regression analysis, five of the six group scores were independently (P<0.01) associated with mortality

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