World War 1 Was a Key Event in the Lead Up to the Revolution and Without It the Revolution Would Have Never Occurred in Russia. Do You Agree or Disagree?

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History: Question: World War 1 was a key event in the lead up to the revolution and without it the revolution would have never occurred in Russia. Do you agree or disagree? World War 1 was a key event in the lead up to the revolution. There were many other factors that will be discussed, but eventually all led to the war which in turn led to the revolution. 3 factors will be discussed other than the war, the famine in Russia and the strikes which turned into riots before the war and the big part which all strikes and riots built into, Bloody Sunday. Secondly Tsar Nicholas II and his actions during the war and the effects it ricocheted back to the fatherland and the support of Rasputin. Lastly, Russia’s involvement in the war and the impact on the war front and the impact on the general public. Prior to the war Russia was in a very volatile state and was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. This was a result of the build up of resentment towards the Tsar and his inability to listen to the pleas of the people and his ‘go to gun’ attitude. All this resulted in the famine countrywide, strikes, riots and looting. Russian troops were in charge of the harvest and with them gone there was to be no food, which morphed into the countrywide starvation. In 1905 approximately 200,000 protestors led by Father Gapon went straight to the Winter Palace to tell their sorrows to the Tsar in hopes of him listening to the words of 200,000 men and women and children. Without any warning the palace guards opened fire at the protesters killing about 300 and wounding many more. With the result of Bloody Sunday the people were in fear and striking went up tenfold, and the revolution only got more tension packed. The Tsar’s actions during the war and the consequences not only affected him but the whole of Russia. When the Tsar’s son the Tsarevitch Alexis had been
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