How Did the Tsar Survive the 1905 Revolution? I Got a+

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During the 1905 revolution over (100 people were killed 300 and were wounded; as they fought for their civil liberties. The October Manifesto appeased all of the classes (peasants, middle and working class) by promising different liberties the classes were fighting for. By signing a peace treaty with Japan, the Tsar raised his troops morale and also he paid them what they were owned (back pay). Because the army was still loyal to the Tsar, he sent his troops to crush the opposition, this attracted more hatred toward the Tsar. It was clear that the Tsar had to clear the newly formed alliance between the classes; but even thought they never really worked together they were still deadly as a whole. In October many revolutionaries came out of exile to set up Soviets (workers councils), they directed where to strike so this put pressure on the Tsar, which meant he had to grant concessions. So he instituted the October Manifesto which was promises that were made to cancel all redemption payments (peasants), create a duma, increase living and working conditions. He also encouraged Kulaks to buy up the strips of land from the Mir as he set up land bank, which would encourage them to produce their own grain and increase the grain industry. But even thought many peasants would now have their land many of the youths of the landlords would rise up against the peasants for killing their parents. This group would be known as the “Black Hundred”. This group brutally beat or killed peasants to take revenge as an effect this kept the peasants under control. The Tsar had to crush what was left of his opposition. The Tsar was desperate to get Russia back in control so in December the Tsar’s loyal army was used to demolish what was left of the working class strikers. This sent many of the revolutionaries in to exile. This restored order once again in the cities. What was a general
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