Woody Allen and Charlie Chaplin

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Woody Allen and Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin and Woody Allen were both innovative directors of their time periods and after watching their movies many similarities in style can be found between the two. Charlie Chaplin and Woody Allen illustrated these similarities and their strengths in the some of their best works. In Charlie Chaplin’s “The Cure”, “Easy Street”, and “City Lights” you can clearly see the strong points of his directing throughout these films. You can also see many similar aspects from watching the film “Annie Hall”, directed by Woody Allen. These two directors have very similar and innovative ways of making films and have greatly influenced the movie business since. Chaplin is one of the best comic director and actor to ever live. He is well known for his silent films and his slapstick comedies which were the first of their time. Chaplin was born in London in 1889 and was forced to earn a living in Vaudeville before he reached his teens. Charles made his first on stage performance when he was 5. Both of his parents were music hall entertainers, which greatly influenced his career choice. His father also indirectly inspired Chaplin and influenced some ideas presented in his films. For example, his father was an heavy drinker who died of alcoholism, Chaplin learned to somewhat embrace it and turn it into a comedic act because Alcoholism was a major theme in some of his works. In 1913, Chaplin was invited by Mack Sennet to star in films. In 1921, he created his first film called “The Kid.” One unique thing about Chaplin was how he was a quintuple threat; Chaplin was able to work on the set, act, direct, produce and score the music. Chaplin was and is still a one of a kind director whose works greatly influenced films. Charles Chaplin and Woody Allen have many similarities in their films. One

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