Women Will No Longer Be Ruled by Men (Macbeth)

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Women Will No Longer Rule Men: Your Majesty, King Malcolm, Great Thanes of Scotland and fellow countrymen, I, Macduff stand before you today as a witness to the greatest treachery Scotland has ever had to endure. I have here have witnessed these disastrous and catastrophic events that were performed by King Macbeth. Was King Macbeth wholly and solely responsible for these events? I argue “No”. Who truly has the blood on their hands at the expense of this kingdom? Women are to blame for this corruption, this disharmony. These malicious, spiteful and wicked cretins have manipulated our men, made a mockery of our power. Never again, will I allow these evil vultures to control our decisions, to question our authority. We must rid ourselves of this scourge. We must silence our foes, put them in their place and tell them where they belong. Women do not have the right to voice their opinion; Women must know their place in our society. King Macbeth was a noble soldier who demonstrated tremendous bravery; he was a hero, a son of Scotland. This soldier was renowned for his honor, and his great integrity. Because of his integrity, he was lorded by King Duncan with these words; “His is full so valiant, and his commendations I am fed; It is a banquet to me. Let’s after him, whose care is gone before to bid us welcome. It is a peerless kings men.” Macbeth was one of us until he met three demons. These vultures set about a series of events that became scandalous throughout our kingdom, shattered us to the core. Our hero became our villain. Our dear friend, Macbeth became a victim of magic. He believed what the hags’ prophecies had predicted of his future, when it is was false information. They encouraged and manipulated Macbeth to murder all his friends to seize the throne. Macbeth’s tale of woe did not end here for his treacherous wife also played havoc with his life.

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