Women of Middle Ages in Literature

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Women in the Middle Ages Abstract This paper is to explore literature from the Middle Ages. It will show how women were portrayed in Medieval literature and how their role was reflected in society during that time. During this time it was difficult to have a true meaning of what it was like to be a woman in literature. The social structure appeared to have women inferior to men. During this time women were deprived from having an education. Depending on the man in the woman’s life would determine how she would be seen socially. It can be considered that when thinking about women during the Middle Ages one would need to understand the difference of being powerful or of being weak. Women had to sometimes not think of themselves as women in order to be a part of their own society. Because of this the male domination during this time badly affected the status of women and their roles in society. Keywords: women, time, literature, society, portrayed Women in the Middle Ages Women in the middle ages were not seen as equals, in fact women had practically no rights at all. Even though some women had extraordinary power like Joan of Arc, most had to work twelve hours just to make ends meet. Women were often underestimated and so was their influence. The life of a peasant woman in the Middle Ages was a tough and busy. Often time’s women would work to the point of exhaustion. Women would work 12 hours a day just to live. Most women would work longer to feed their families and clean their homes. The three main topics that I will be covering in the daily life of a Woman in the middle ages are Cooking Cleaning and Child Care. The middle Ages took place in the 15th century, and because of the period of time that people were living in it took them a lot longer to do the menial tasks we do today. Cooking today is a much less complicated task then what it was
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