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Allie Gomes ENG101 Essay #1 Being a young daughter in the early years of society was overly exhausting. Jamaica Kincaid, the author of the short story “Girl”, proves this by giving a very limiting and vulgar list of rules. The continual tasks written are very blunt, and also could be seen as unusual to many people today. Woman didn’t get the chance to vote until 1920, and standards of how they behave towards men have changed tremendously since then. “This is how you iron your father’s khaki shirt...” (Kincaid 200) is a pa chore that you don’t see many woman nowadays doing (especially for their own father). In earlier times it was very common for the woman in the house to do all of the chores for the men in the family. They would cook and clean simply because they were expected to, whereas now in the 21st century men and woman both take on the responsibility of taking care of the household…show more content…
It really puts in perspective how times have changed. Not only the social stereotype of young girls today, but work ethic in them all. Daughters back then had to practically run the house from the inside-out, and complaining was never an option; nor did they know another way to go along with these daily duties besides being hard working and determined. Social norm has changed more than a tad, but whether it’s changed for the better is the bigger question. Do girls have as good of work ethic now as they did when a woman’s role was to stay in and run the house? Maybe not. But do we have more freedom to stand up to men and say, “You know what, we are equal and I can do anything you can do, and maybe even do it better”? Yes, by far. We as woman may not work the same way we used to, but that energy is put to different aspirations that could take the roles of society to a whole new

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