Women And Incarceration Research Paper

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Introduction Men and women have not shared equal rights as citizens in this country since the beginning of time. Over the past seventy years, women have taken steps to equalize the rights between men and women. Women have also increased their rate of incarceration rate over this time, could it have to do with inequality? But why are prison and incarceration rates still unequal between the two genders? What is causing this injustice in our criminal systems? These are the questions we are looking to answer in this research paper. Purpose of Study We selected this topic of study because gender is an untouched topic in our class. Most of the theories we have looked at are male dominated, and focus on why males commit crime. We focused…show more content…
They state that the reason of this increase and growing rate is because of women in poverty and also the increased drug related offenses prosecuted against women. Most of the women in prison are there from committing nonviolent crimes and the women who are there for violent crimes; the majority of them are there for killing their abusive partners. A way to lower the incarceration rate of women is to make the current felony drug charges misdemeanors and by providing extra services behind bars to deal with things such as domestic, sexual, physical, emotional, and mental abuse (McCoy 9). Addressing these issues before incarceration and during will help women fit back into…show more content…
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