Windows Server 2008 Lab 4 Answers

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MNP 221 John Keselring 10/19/2012 Lesson 4 Labs 4.1 Installing the DNS Server role. In this part of the lab I had to install the DNS Server roles on bot XX machine and the YY machine. It was actually nice to get the proper YY machine to do this lab. This is pretty much what I had to do in Lesson 3 with DHCP. By going into the server manager, then double click roles, then server roles, and check DNS Server. 1. What is the name of the computer from which you are working? The name of the machine that I am working from is W2K8xx machine. 2. Same question as number 1? This time I am working with my W2K8yy machine. 3. What forward looking zones are currently configured on the W2K8xx computer? The current forward looking zones on my W2K8xx machine, if I am looking at it right it would be and 4. What types of zone can you configure from this screen? Again if I am looking at this right I believe you can configure the primary zone, secondary zone, and stub zone 5. What is the default selection on the Zone File screen? The default selection on the Zone File screen is set as the primary zone. 6. Why is the “allow only secure dynamic updates” option greyed out? The “allow only secure dynamic update” option is greyed out maybe because as a user I do not have that option in the ACL to be able to make changes to this part. I wasn’t quite sure what the answer was so I Google that question. 7. What records are configured for the zone? The records that are configured for the are the Star of authority, Name Server (both same as parent folder), and W2K8xx Host. 8. What is the default selection on the Zone File screen? I believe this question was asked before and the answer is still the same on a different machine, that is the primary zone. 4.2 Configuring a Secondary Zone and Zone Transfers
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