Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave

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I.Greetings As Willie Lynch approach the James River to speak amongst his peers he smelt a dead slave hanging from a tree. He witnessed problems that the slave masters were encountering. They were losing “valuable stock”, their slaves were running away, their crops were abandoned, their plantations suffered from occasional fires and their animals were killed. This became a big problem that Willie Lynch had a solution for. He presented to slave owners in the South a full proof method for “controlling their black slaves” and he guaranteed the slave masters that this method would control the slaves for at 300 years. His method was simple but it soon became an outline of action. He stated that he uses fear, distrust and envy for control purposes. After the black slaves receive this indoctrination, they will become self-refueling and self generating for years to come. He first stated to pit the different aspects of a black slave against another black slave; old black male vs. young black male, light skin slaves vs. dark skin slaves, female vs. male and vice versa in all the situations stated. He also suggested that the slave master have white servants and overseers, who distrust all Blacks. But after doing so, he still felt as though it was of importance for their slaves to trust and depend on their slave masters. He felt the slaves must love, respect and trust only US gentlemen. This was going to be the slave masters’ successor to control. II.Let’s Make A Slave In Fredrick Douglas’ “Let’s Make A Slave” it was the scientific process of man-breaking and slave making. It describe the the rationale and results of the Anglo Saxons’ ideas and methods of insuring the master/slave relationship. So from those methods, Willie Lynch implemented an outline for making a slave. He first stated that they needed a black nigger male, a pregnant nigger female and her baby nigger
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