Wikileaks and Ethical Issues

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Wikileaks and Ethical Issues 1. Introduction In this modern world or society, everyone live under the law and regulation. Therefor, the law is playing a major role to maintain the basic world order. The law can punish people who hurt some one else. But actually the law cannot control everything, for instance, some ethical issues like Wikileaks. Therefore, the code of ethical is the most significant part to make people do the right things. In this report the Wkikileaks will be a famous ethical issue to be analyzed, the case facts will present an accurate representation of the case, the ethical dilemma will provide a detailed account of the problem to be solved by the decision-maker, and will be expressed in the manner consistent with the theory. The report will demonstrate a detailed understanding of the ethical theory under review through a logical and defensible resolution of the ethical dilemma. The final recommendation in the report will resolve the ethical dilemma will be presented in this report, and reflection on learning experience and critique will be described in the last. 2. Case of Wikileaks: WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization, some private, secret, and classified folders like video and paper news from anonymous news sources, news leaks, and whistleblowers. This website established in 2006 and more than 1.2 million classified documents were published within a year of its launch. But Wikileaks was famous by the “ Collateral Murder”. In April 2010, An Apache gunship attacked and killed civilians and journalists in Baghdad in 12 July 2007. After that, more than seventy-six thousands documents called “Afghan War Diary”, which were not available for public, were published. After three yeas, The Iraq War Logs, which compiled about 400,000 documents, were released to the public review. In November 2010. Wikileaks began releasing
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