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Why the Articles of Confederation Fail Essay

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  • on August 4, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Why the Articles of Confederation Fail" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Articles of Confederation was the first government established to run the United States. However, it failed to do so in a number of areas. Under The Articles of Confederation, each state had its own currency. This caused problems because each time someone crossed over into another state, they had to change their currency. This made it difficult to conduct business from state to state.
When people purchased goods from other states, they had to pay a tax. In these respects, under the Articles of Confederation, the United States were not treated as united states, but as many different countries. The new Constitution corrected this by stating that only the Federal Government has the right to coin money. Therefore, people no longer had to worry about changing the currency when crossing into other states.
Another problem with the Articles of Confederation was that it allowed each individual state to have its own militia. This was a problem because each army was small and run by different people, and the states did not have sufficient funds to arm their men adequately. The Constitution corrected this failure by raising and supporting armies, providing and maintaining a navy, and designating the President of the United States as the commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The Federal Government now has the right to organize, arm, and discipline the militia. The Constitution has enabled us to become a super power in the world today. Had we continued to exist under The Articles of Confederation, it is doubtful that The United States would have achieved this status.

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