Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love

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Acknowledgments Thank you to those who contributed to this book, whether they knew it or not: Kelly Bradtke, Andrew and Joanne Parish, Decima McAuley, Rebecca Schell, Melissa Stewart, Jasmine Pease, Cameron Pease, Brandon Pease, Bella Pease, Michael Pease, Adam Sellars, John MacIntosh, Norman Leonard, Ken Wright, Amanda Gore, Daniel Clarke, Dr. Janet Hall, Col and Jill Haste, Kirsty and Scott Gooderham, Phil Gray, Shirley Neale and Danny Redman, Des Wilmore, Bernie de Souza, Dr. James Moir, Helen and Ian Belcher, Roger Loughnan, Ivanna Fugalot, Dr. Gennady Polonsky, Christine Walding, Jeff Turner, John Lanesmith, Sally Berghofer, Rob and Sue Keam, Dave Stewart, David C. Smith, Dr. John Tickel, Professor Graeme Jackson, Nicole Kilpatrick, Josephine and Rick, Glen Fraser, Tony Rich, Dr. Michael Walsh, Angus Woodhead, Fiona Hedger, Gary Crick, Anthony Gorman, Brian Tracy, Jenny Cooper, Ivor Ashfield, Trevor Velt, Jo Abbott, Alan Holliday, Graeme Shiels, Shorty Tully, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Sue Williams, Janine Good, Bert Newton, Graham Smith, Kevin Fraser, Dr. Phillip Stricker, Emma and Graham Steele, Jaci Elliott, and Glenda Leonard. And special thanks to Dorie Simmonds and Ray and Ruth Pease. Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Looking for “the One” How the Western World Got So Screwed Up About Sex The Statistics 1. Sex on the Brain Same Goals, Different Agendas The Power of Love The Biology of Love Love At First Sight Darwin Made Me Do It Let’s Stick Together Why Lovers Are So Crazy About Each Other I Get a Shiver Down My Backbone I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Eat What Brain Scans Reveal Might as Well Face It, You’re Addicted to Love The Geography of Sex and Love in the Brain Why Men and Women See Love Differently How Men’s Brains Rate Attractiveness in Women How Women’s Brains Rate Attractiveness in Men Why Lust Doesn’t Last What Happens When You Get Dumped
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