How Does Steinback View Happiness

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Paige Doire Ms. Zambito English 9 19 December 2012 Of mice and Men Steinback views friendship necessary to happiness because it’s one of the main themes in “Of mice and Men” by John Steinback. George and Lennie have a very strong friendship! Steinback does view friendship as needed to happiness because either basically all they got. If they didn’t have each other they wouldn’t have anybody and if they didn’t have anybody they would be sad and lonely. Therefore it shows that Steinback views friendship necessary for happiness. Since the whole book is based on George and Lennie and they have a very strong friendship. In the case of the characters, qualities that are needed/ necessary to create a healthy…show more content…
For example george and Lennie were always thereselves around eachother no matter what. They were always both honest to eachother especially George to Lennie even if it was too mean. Lennie wasn’t always honest to George because he was scared of getting yelled at. George and Lennie’s friendship had a very strong friendship because no matter what happened they sticked together. No matter if it was good or bad, they both went through it together. In conclusion Steinback views/ viewed friendship needed for friendship because this book “Of Mice and Men” was based on all about friendship. Geroege ended up shooting/killing Lennie thnking it was for the best. Even though George probaly didn’t want to do it he did it for Lennie so that he could be in peace. Maybe he was tired of seeing Lennie hurt and just not really enjoying life as much because of his disability. He thought it was best for both of them. He would be able to focus more on his life and get things done with nothig really in the way becaused Lennie wasn;t there and Lennie wouldn’t have to worry about anything because he’s
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