Was Friar Lawrence To Blame For Romeo And Juliet Case Study

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Why was Friar Lawrence blamed? There are many people to blame for a majority of the tragedy that happened in Romeo and Juliet. I personally think Friar Lawrence is most to blame. Although he was only trying to help the young couple out, he should of thought about what the future would bring. He also did not tell anyone about them getting married, which was a really bad decision. If more people knew maybe everyone would still be alive and happy. Out of everyone Friar Lawrence did have the biggest role in causing most of the tragedy. Friar Lawrence helped Romeo and Juliet through everything. Friar Lawrence loved both Romeo and Juliet and just wanted to make them happy. Unfortunately, making them happy caused everything to go downhill. Friar Lawrence also did everything a bit carelessly. The way he just married them right away, without refusing or letting them think over it. The marriage was too rushed and secretive. The biggest thing Friar Lawrence did to cause all of the tragedy was when he agreed to give Juliet the sleeping potion. This caused Romeo to think she was dead, so he killed himself for her, and once she woke up and found he was…show more content…
In a way Friar Lawrence married the Romeo and Juliet to see if it would end their family fued's. Instead of ending it, this all caused it to be worse. Friar Lawrence was way too involved in everything. He promised not to tell anyone, but that was one of the biggest mistakes he could have made. Since no one knew about their marriage Tybalt and Benvolio both died. If they knew about the marriage the fight would not have happened, no one would have died and Romeo would not have been banished. Frair Lawrence helped them with everything and anything they asked for, except for when Juliet needed him the most. When they were in the tomb Juliet asked him to stay with her, but he fleed and left her there. Friar Lawrence should have listened to himself, not the young
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