Why Did Lloyd George Fall from Power in 1922?

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Matthew Ferris “LG fell from power in 1922 because he failed to keep his promises” how far do you agree? David Lloyd George, widely named as the ‘Man who won the war’ fell from power in 1922 after the conservatives chose to abandon him and stand as an individual party at the Carlton Club. They did this for a number of reasons such as his broken promises as leader of Britain; these broken promises illustrated in the failure of Reconstruction were the main reason why David Lloyd George fell from power in 1922. The period of Lloyd George’s descent was just after the war, the plan of Lloyd George at this time was this: Britain was to be set up as a ‘land fit for heroes’ this impressed the public greatly as they it promised better living conditions, better quality of life for the unemployed and the abolishment of the old poor law. However it seems that when he promised this Lloyd George failed to note that there was a grim economic situation in Britain that threatened to thwart his scheme known as Reconstruction. The 750,000 Britons that were killed at war affected the economy in a very negative way, whilst the 1.6 million were wounded needed care and this was a priority. To add to these problems Britain were in huge war debt to the USA and Britain’s own debtors were failing to pay up. These problems meant that government spending had to be slashed by 12% in the Geddes Act, which meant that Reconstruction could no longer go ahead. This was the main factor in Lloyd George’s fall as the British people felt betrayed by their leader, they felt that Lloyd George and the coalition had lied to them and made promises that they failed to deliver on. However it can be argued back that the bigger reason for LG’s fall demonstrated here was his failure to foresee the economic problems of Britain and plan ahead, but this would not be the view of the people whom desperately needed
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