Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Essay

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Many reasons were behind the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor. Once the Japanese decided they were going to war with the US, they wanted to cripple the US naval forces. Japan was very upset that President Roosevelt cut off the oil, scrap iron, steel, as well as many other goods to Japan. Japan also attacked Pearl Harbor first because the geographical location to Japan. Japan wanted to acquire their oil and other resources from Indochina (peninsula containing Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.) The US threatened Japan to withdraw from Indochina, but the Japanese felt they had no choice. Japan did not want to withdraw from Indochina, and with the US, Britain and Netherlands freezing their assets, Japan felt there was no choice but war. To understand why Japan decided to start a war we need to understand the events that led up to the Pearl Harbor attack. It began with Japan’s desire for growth that brought them into conflict with the colonial powers. These colonial powers included France (Indochina), the Netherlands (Dutch East Indies), Britain…show more content…
In their minds, war was the only option left. The Japanese appeared greedy and didn’t want to pull out of Indochina. They wanted to get their way and didn’t want to compromise on it. For hundreds of years the Japanese have had a superiority complex. No one will know exactly what Japans leaders were thinking at the time, but we can speculate. The attack on Pearl Harbor was absolutely devastating. It was an absolute disaster that should have never occurred anywhere or anytime. The amount of lives lost days is what saddens me the most. There wasn’t a single good thing that came from the attacks. Part of me thinks the United States shouldn’t have responded so harshly, but if we didn’t attack so harshly, maybe Japan wouldn’t have withdrawn from the war, maybe they would have attacked other

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