Why Is Hiroshima Wrong

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The day the atomic bomb struck Hiroshima, was the day the world changed. That event didn’t just effect people that day, it still effects people till this day. Some would say dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima violated human rights by “killing innocent civilians”. Others would disagree and reply with “they had no choice the Japanese we not surrendering”. People knowing that their human rights were violated did not sit well with them and that is what lead them to express their opinions in a wide variety of ways such as protest, public speaking, and even writing about it such as the author of the novel “Hiroshima” By John Hersey. During WWII America decided to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. People believe that this was a violation of the…show more content…
Meaning with the power struggle between the united states and Russia such as the space race coming soon they were jumping at any chance to show dominance. On the other side of people believing that it was wrong to bomb Hiroshima others disagreed and said they deserved it because they were not surrendering. With that in mind, The bombing of Hiroshima was an acceleration of the war already under way and was used with the prospects of the unconditional surrender of the forces of the Empire of Japan, The U.S wanted the war over and if they were not going to surrender they had no other choice but to use forceful actions. Another way people supported the fact that there were no human rights violate was that People believed that bombing was righted considering that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. By doing this it was a way of revenge, if the attack on Pearl Harbor didn’t happen then the U.S wouldn’t have gotten involved. In the novel “Hiroshima By John Hersey” the victims knew they were in the midst of war state here in the story “On the morning of August 6, 1945, all of the characters are either engaged in their everyday activities or preparing for a possible B-29
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