When White Women Cry

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When White Women Cry: How White Women’s Tears Oppress Women of Color Diane Mathis Prairie View A&M University Cross Cultural Issues 21208-CNSL 5153 When white women cry: How White Women’s tears oppress women of color can be located through the college of Student Affairs Journal , v26 n2 p208-215 Spr 2007. This article was peer reviewed. This article has a small research component. The author cites other researchers or writers material that seem to refer to what he is trying to convey. The article states that the purpose of this article is too focus on the tension that arises as the result of the intersection of social identities, namely gender and race. The author explains clearly that he will use the PIE (Privileged Identity Exploration Model) for analysis. There is no sampling per se because the author never states what he hopes to accomplish. However, he does state he hopes to highlight complexities with race and gender. The author uses a case study he does not go into detail how these people were chosen or what their backgrounds are. The case study takes place between a group of student affairs professionals to discuss the status of and progress of a community located on the campus .In attendance in this meeting is Susan (a white woman) and Anita (a women of color) from two different offices and they collide in their discussion in what is taking place within this community. The article references research from other writers. For example, the author mentions how women are by multiple issues in their lives. This can include race, sex, social class, and so on. This is referenced work from Hernandez & Rehman,1997. Another referenced piece of material was that white women have been depicted to be the foundation of purity, chastity, and virtue. While women of color have been characterized historically to be negative Lorde 1984;
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