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Good observations about this story Hamdi. Let’s consider some elements and themes found in this story. How are gender issues treated in this story? Is Silko a feminist or is she merely reinforcing patriarchal stereotypes? Is the narrator breaking free from oppression or merely giving in to a new oppressor? Thoughtfully expressed Katherine. One of the problems with trying to interpret gender relations in Native American literature is that many native cultures do not have the entrenched history of patriarchal domination that American mainstream culture has had. Many native traditions, by contrast, are far more egalitarian or matriarchal. How does this information affect how we interpret and understand “Yellow Woman”? Much of the story centers on the identity of the narrator and cultural identity. I understand is that Silko has depicted the native American literature having egalitarian or matriarchal tradition, but not reinforcing patriarchal stereotypes, As the narrator tries to relate herself with the yellow woman she is trying to break free from the oppressor ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form I love the way that Silko connects the history and stories of her ancestors to immediate family's history and her own life. It makes the stories seems real, as if they can happen in any time-frame or may be happending in the present but with different people playing the characters. For instance, the narrator believed that she may have been the yellow woman, even though she knew that the yellow woman a story that has been around for centuries. Yet, she felt so connected to it that she became a part of the story and lived out the myth. I hope I'm making sensea Bottom of Form absolutely!..I really enjoyed how Silko has communicated her culture and traditions so beautifully interweaved with the myth of yellow woman . rough literature .the
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