Whats the Difference Between Online Classes and on-Ground Classrooms Essay

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What’s the difference between online classes vs. on the ground classes : This paper is about what’s the difference between online and on-ground classes: Thesis: Many traditional schools have both face-to-face and online classes and which allow the students a great deal of choice and there are hybrid courses that have some classroom time as well as online assignments. For fields such as chemistry and physics and online courses cannot offer the kind of laboratory experience that a traditional classes can but a student may be able to take a local class and transfer them to another online program. I know that online classes vs. on-ground classes are not related because in a classroom setting students are face-to-face and they can interact with other students and online classes you are not inter acting with them as to face-to-face but you can be more motivated to do assignments at anytime and you also can do your assignments anywhere, where there is internet connections are at. I have a lot of information that are more positive about online classes vs. on ground classes like if they both are credited and I know they are credited, so I can transfer my credits from one school to another school. Is because it seems to be more interesting to exploring it. Looking for the right school rather it’s online or in a classroom setting. Who could I talk to about my subject is my teacher/ or professor or my student advisor. They want to hear what I have to say about online classes vs. traditional classes. That I have done a lot of research about my subject and I have of information and references from my research on my subject. That online classes are on the internet vs. on ground classes are not online. What’s the difference between the two programs? I want to get more information on the two subjects so I can finish my paper on time and to do it right. To figure

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