What Was The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Brittany Cline P.4 5/13/12 The Great Gatsby What exactly was the American dream? The early American dream consisted of traveling out West to find land and start a family. But that has changed into Americans having materialistic visions of having a big house, a nice car, and achieving success. When Nick moves to New York, he rents a house on a part of Long Island called West Egg. West Egg is the complete opposite of East Egg. It is home to the “new rich,” for people having made their money recently, not having the social connections with the East Egg set. West Egg is characterized by extreme wealth and poor taste. Nick’s West Egg house is next door to Gatsby’s mansion. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is a man who started out with no money, only a plan for accomplishing his dream. He is blinded by his luxurious possessions that he does not see that money cannot buy love or happiness. His American dream has been destroyed by all of the wealth that surrounds him. For example, he throws huge parties for people, yet he has no real friends. When Nick comes to the East he realizes it's full of heartless and shallow people. This atmosphere does…show more content…
The green light at the end of Daisy's dock represents Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for the future. Daisy and Tom’s marriage is proof of the fall of the American dream. Even though they belong to the West Egg social group and have a lot of wealth, they are unhappy. Tom and Daisy are both unsatisfied with life and are searching for something better. For example, Tom cheats on Daisy with Myrtle. After Myrtle and Gatsby are both killed, neither one of them sends their regards or seems sad. They actually go on a vacation, which shows the lack of sympathy they have toward others. Nick sees Tom and Daisy as they really are, heartless and careless. The only thing they care about is appearance and things of value. They ignore people’s feelings and

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