Theme Of Happiness In The Great Gatsby

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Mrs. Gareis American literature December 21 2012 Wealth and happiness Since the beginnings of times, people have always pursued for the best, they always wanted to be better than everyone else and they wanted to achieve happiness. Happiness is what everyone is seeking for, is having that feeling of satisfaction and comfort with the people you love. Being wealthy and having money can help you obtain happiness, but having money does not guarantee that you will achieve happiness, many people make this mistake, they think that money alone will bring them happiness and they don’t care about who the person is but for that that person will give them. Money plays a great role in love, which explains Gatsby’s decision to devote his entire…show more content…
He is very wealthy but eventually he does not achieve happiness. Gatsby invites many people to his parties, including many of them that he does not know. However, none of these people actually care for him, they use him for his wealth and they benefits they get from him, but not for his personality and friendship. When Gatsby died no one showed up for his funeral, only his father, his servants and nick showed up. All the people that participated in and enjoyed Gatsby's parties did not even show up for his funeral. He didn’t have real friends, just nick. And without friends and loved ones you can’t achieve happiness you are completely alone and lonely. And that’s how Gatsby felt, proving that wealth do not bring happiness. Gatsby’s wealth failed to provide him with the things he wanted most: Daisy, social acceptance, and friendship. Scott Fitzgerald also shows us more examples of how wealth cant buy happiness by showing us Myrtle’s affair with Tom Buchanan. Another example of how wealth has made some people unhappy is Tom, who is only interested in money and he is unfaithful to his wife, Daisy. Scott Fitzgerald also shows us how cruel money can be and the negative consequences it could bring by being very descriptive about Myrtle’s
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