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Name of student Course Instructor Date of presentation The Relationship between George and Lennie The novel by John Steinbeck, “Of Mice and Men”, highlights the plight that faced many Americans during the 1930s great depression. During the great depression, the realization of the American dream, the pursuit of prosperity and affluence, was a hard sell with widespread joblessness that characterized the era. In the Novel, Steinbeck identifies, in particular, with the plight of ranch workers, who, faced with the challenge of getting employment, had to seek unique friendships to alleviate the loneliness they faced. Thus, the author narrates the story of Lennie and George, two friends with divergent characters. With the cynicism…show more content…
The companionship and support between George and Lennie is evident where at some point Lennie is accused of an attempt to pet a young woman in Weed, California and his friend George protects him jealously. The strong friendship between the two is evident when George reveals the sacrifices he had to make for the sake of his friend Lennie. “I got you! You can’t keep a job and you lose me ever’ job I get. Jus’ keep me shovin’ all over the country all the time….You do bad things and I got to get you out”( 12). The comradeship between the two is set to persist into the distant future, and George dreams of their future together, where they will save and buy a small farm “ an live of the fatta the Iaa” (15) and become their own…show more content…
On one hand, Lennie, a physically strong man, becomes powerless because of the mental incapacity and is not able to wrestle against the forces that hinder his dreams -for lack of mental acuity. Therefore, he relies on George. On the other hand, George becomes powerless in that he has to rely on Lennie for companionship, in his quest to attain his dreams. At the end of the novel, George, tired of Lennie’s misdemeanor eventually shoots him to death. This action demonstrates that both characters have come into realization that their friendship is a hindrance to achievement of their dreams. Lennie has become cognizant of the adverse effects of his behavior to their friendship and he desires to be alone. On the other hand, George realizes that his friend is a major liability to him. He tells Lennie that his life would be better without him (114). George’s emotional detachment, as he talks to Lennie demonstrates his desire to isolate and free himself from Lennie. At the end of the chapter, George shoots Lennie to death. In summation, the relationship between George and Lennie is reminiscent of friendship characterized by companionship, support, shared dreams, human interaction, oppression, powerlessness and

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