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What is Environmental Psychology? Tammy Poe PSY 460 February 13, 2012 Dr. Mike What is Environmental Psychology? Environmental psychology became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and has many aspects in psychology because of its relationship between human behavior and the environment that he or she lives in. Environment refers to an individual’s social setting, which is constantly changing. Social, educational, professional, and home settings may be different environments, and different behaviors can be seen in each environment. This paper will examine the discipline of environmental psychology while comparing two theoretical approaches to environmental psychology, and explain how research is crucial to environmental psychology. Environmental psychologist’s examines real life problems in people’s everyday life. Environmental Psychology There are different aspects of environmental psychology are problem-oriented and includes human and environmental interactions, locally and globally. A person must know and understand that human nature predicts the environmental conditions that cause behavioral problems. According to De Young, R. (1999),”The field defines the term environment very broadly including all that is natural on the planet as well as social settings, built environments, learning environments and informational environments” (para.1). Environmental psychologists can manage, design, protect, and restore environments to increase behavior, and predict the possible outcome when certain criteria are not met. The environment can deploy stress on human, animals, and plants. On the other hand, Environmental psychology, Overview (2004), has a different view than that of De Young, their thoughts were “that environmental psychology is “the branch of psychology that studies the relationship between people and the sociophysical features of the built and natural

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