What Economic System Is Best Suited to Handle a Big Crisis

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I believe the best economic system best suited for handling a crisis of epic proportions is the socialism system. In the event of a crisis the government would play a big role by providing resources and aid to those affected. The government would also make sure organizations have what is needed to help provide assistance. In the event of a crisis people are equipped to act on it. During an emergency situation, like hurricane Katrina, a social system would be best because everyone affected would receive assistance no matter what. Everyone who is affected is given the same treatment during an emergency. They are provided with whatever is needed like food, shelter, or financial help. Non-profit organizations are a big factor because with financial backing from the government they can help assist those in need also. A socialist system is best in responding to those in need during the earthquake in Haiti because everyone affected needs assistance regardless of class or if they can’t afford to survive after their loss. This system allows the government and organizations to help build homes, provide medical care, and food to people in need. It can also help provide in other ways, we can help provide education so people in Haiti that way people can have a greater chance getting jobs to lower their unemployment rate. With an opportunity for people in Haiti to learn skills, trades, or a chance to continue their schooling, they would have a greater chance to provide for their families after a catastrophe. The cost to heat our homes in the winter time is due to the laws of supply and demand. During the winter the temperature is significantly lower than it is during the summer, therefore we have a there is a demand to maintain a warmer house during the winter. Humans cannot survive during freezing temperatures during winter, so we need to pay companies to
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