Which Economic System Is Best Suited for Handling a Crisis of Epic Proportions?

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Which economic system is best suited for handling a crisis of epic proportions? It is difficult to determine when a natural disaster or crisis will occur. The first to respond when a crisis hits is typically the local government. If a pandemic strike occurs the city and/or states health department would be the first to respond. The mayor or in some extreme cases, the President of The United States may come to aide. If it’s a natural disaster the first to respond is the Emergency Management Agencies. I believe the best economic solution to handling a crisis of epic proportion is a socialist system. A socialist system would already have a group of people in each city or area that the crisis is in. They would be able to quickly form a location of need for food and water as well as provide a place for those to gather and receive the basic necessities. Places like the Red Cross would also be there with tents set up for blood donations. Socialist system is an idea that every person works for the sake of the community. However this is typically short lived and once the crisis is over people move on with their regular lives. Also there are always those who try to benefit from disasters giving some organizations a bad name. I feel that when a major crisis happens, all governments should pull together and use all available resources so that no one can ever say or feel like they didn’t get what was deserved. Describe and explain why a socialist system may be the best in responding to needs of people struck by an emergency situation like the earthquake that occurred in Haiti? A socialist system would be the best in a situation like the earthquake in Haiti simply because of the resources. The government would send out all available agencies and help immediately to the point of disaster. FEMA would provide food, water, basic necessities and shelter. There would be teams of

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