What Do the Bible Say About Makeup

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What does the bible say about makeup? This has been a controversial discussion amongst churches and religion. The bible does mention “painting of faces” three times in the bible but never making a distinction of good nor evil. I believe that it’s of no relevance to God. These scriptures can be found in 2King 9:30, Jeremiah 4:30, and Ezekiel 23:40. Makeup is a non-issue biblically and nothing has been said against it. God has made everything plain that he’s against so why wouldn’t he plainly make mention if makeup was a sin as well. Many religious people twist scripture to be convenient for manmade rules. There are so many other things that God is concerned with and makeup just isn’t one of them. I guess makeup is evil because it enhances are beauty right? If so what else is a sin? Dentistry, hair styling, Fashionable clothing, or perhaps fragrances and things that make us feel good about ourselves as a woman. Now that we live in a society where trends are constantly changing and makeup is ever so popular, let’s not forget that makeup will never hide the true treasure we are. The bible clearly states that we should concentrate on the “grooming” of our inner character in a way that is pleasing to God. In contrast, not putting major emphasis on the outer because what is in the inner produces fruit. Ladies we should always present ourselves pleasing and in all things do it in moderation that also means makeup. It should only be used to enhance your beauty not to be the focus of your beauty. Many confuse the beauty of the art as just a cover-up. What’s your purpose of wearing makeup? Is it because you’re not attractive enough or because you feel you just need it to feel beautiful? None of the above is true. Ladies, embrace your beauty…. for we all have it. Flaunt your flaws….. There isn’t a single person out there without them. God knew what he was doing when he
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