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Beauty not yet Revealed Gloria Lewis was very quiet in school and was not attractive to many people. She was tall, dark-skinned, skinny as a twig, and had naturally red hair. We were assigned to do a group project together in our Biology class. Being that it was my first time meeting Gloria, I was kind of skeptical about being group partners with her not knowing what kind of person that she was. After being indulged in this project with Gloria, it really helped me to get to know her more. Gloria was very caring, intelligent, and also ambitious. In her spare time, she participated in community service activities; she believed that it was very important to give back to the community. She would go to homeless shelters and help serve food during the holidays. In addition, every Saturday she attended a community college to tutor kids with special needs. Gloria loved working with these kids, and making them feel better about themselves, she was willing to help out in any way that she could. In like fashion to being caring, Gloria was also very intelligent. I went to her house one day and was just astonished by her collection of books; she basically had…show more content…
She was caring, intelligent, and ambitious. Since Gloria was judged by the way she looked, no one realized how great of a person she was. We need to take more time to get to know people instead of judging by physical images because “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, if you would have gotten to know her, she would have looked more attractive. I believe that anyone can be pretty, if Gloria would have put her hair down and dressed in more trendy clothes people would have thought she was very attractive. Even someone that is “pretty” can have an ugly personality, so you never know unless you get to know a person. That’s why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because you will miss out on a

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