What Do Science Fiction Films Teach Us About What It Means to Be Human? Essay

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Science Fiction: Philosophy Research What do science fiction films teach us about what it means to be human? In the films, Blade Runner, 2001: Space Odyssey, Moon and Matrix, the stories give a complex but clear statement that to be human is a constant quest for survival in searching for what is real and not real. The stories stay true to their convictions in terms of what they are trying to convey to the audience filled with a humanistic element of wonder. With the rise of artificial intelligence in terms of computers, machines made by humans are given the ability to learn, think and make decisions; just as humans are capable of becoming machines thinking and doing things they have been programmed to do over a lifetime. Each of these films asks the same questions. What does it mean to be human and why does it matter? They leave us with just as many questions as there are answers in the quest for human life and the survival of one’s existence. The films also attempt to demonstrate the complexities of human emotion in terms of reality. For example, a moment of joy can be cut short due to a moment of loss. Being human is never easy even in the best of circumstances. Real emotions don’t last and are ever changing in humans. As people change, things change and one must be able to accept the things they cannot change. It is a journey for survival. But does it hold true for Artificial Intelligence? Is life worth fighting for if you are not human, a computer, or a machine? As I examine each film it is evident that they successfully engage in the metaphysical elements that search for the understanding of what is real and not real. (1)“Metaphysics concerns itself with the burden of explaining what the features of reality truly are that exist beyond our immediate senses and physical world.” The main character in Blade Runner is a perfect example of this concept as

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