We Are Where We Live Essay

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Egle 1 Egle Vaitkeviciene Professor H. Karl ENC 1101 February 24 We Are Where We Live The Buddha said: “You are what you think”. I also think we are where we live. The place we choose to live is a very important decision we make. Some people hate the idea of living in the country. They want to be in the stream of life. People with great ambitions move to the big city to go to college and build a career. However, for others, their life’s dream is to live on the countryside. They take pleasure from living in a calm and peaceful environment. Life in the suburbs or further out in the countryside is very different from the life in the country. Big cities offer many opportunities to people who live there. The big town is a great place to find interesting and well-paid jobs. In addition, there are many activities people can do with their free time. They can go to museums or art exhibitions, listen to music at concerts or eat out at expensive restaurants that offer food from all over the world. At the same time, people who live in small town and countryside have limited opportunities for their career choices. They, also, have less access to modern activities. Unlike in the city, work may be more dirty and difficult if you live in the country. There is probably more yard work. Although activities in the country are different, they can be a lot more fun. You can go fishing, boating, horseback riding, camping, gardening or have back yard barbeques. Egle 2 All cities provide at least some form of public transportation: buses, trains or trams. Also

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