Lake Of The Ozarks Essay

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Crystal Udulutch Mrs. Hobbs Introduction to Writing Online 24 June 2013 Explore Lake of the Ozarks Has anyone ever wonder what Lake of the Ozarks is all about? At Lake of the Ozarks there are many attractions to see and to do year round, with the lake as the main attraction. With the many attractions at Lake of the Ozarks, we will explore the endless possibilities to do there. With the natural aspects of the Lake of the Ozarks, there are many great outdoors and wildlife activities to explore. Lake of the Ozarks has an abundance of hiking trails and camping grounds to explore in the natural wildlife of the state parks. Many of these state parks have great scenery to see including…show more content…
Some of the activities at certain resorts include going to the spa, golfing, dining and even a water park. But there are other places to enjoy outside the resort too. Fun places for the whole family to visit are Miner Mikes and Busters game place, Big Surf Water Park, Timber Falls indoor water park, and many places to mini golf and to go go-carting. For the grown ups there are many night clubs to spend the day and evening at. Some like the Blue Room night club, Topsiders, and the H. Toads hold live music performed by local bands or well known music artists. Also, many people come down to the lake for the great shopping and the big deals they can get at some of the stores. One of the main shopping stops around the lake is the Osage Village Outlet mall which has 110 stores to choose from. Another great place to stop at around the lake is the Bagnell Dam strip which has many stores, places to eat, and the great view of the lake. After using most of your energy from shopping, it’s time to replenish yourself with some great food from hundreds of restaurants located around the lake. There are many restaurants to choose from at the lake including fine dining, barbeque, Italian specialties, and local foods from the lake. Also, there are many bars on and around the lake, and many wineries which have great food and drink specials to choose
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