Walmart: Family Friendly or Money Hungry?

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Wal-Mart: Family Friendly or Money Hungry? It is a bright, sunny Friday afternoon. Your children have after school activities so you do not have to pick them up today. You decide to do a little grocery shopping before tomorrow’s college football game. You decide to go to your local Wal-Mart. While you are there you see a tired employee, an employee faking a smile, and an employee who cannot take working there anymore. You also acknowledge an employee who seems to be being followed by a store manager. You begin to question what is really going on there at your local Wal-Mart. You ask an employee and she tells you things you never thought happened there. Wal-Mart violates federal laws and goes against international human rights. Wal-Mart has factories outside of the United States and only pay their factory employees $0.18 while they have products sell for about $14.99 without tax. They have the employees working 7 days a week. They are lucky if they even get to see a break. In the money that they earn Wal-Mart takes out expenses such as rent and utilities. The price of utilities range from how much the employee actually uses. The conditions that their employees work in are unstable. When they do have inspectors come in, they tell the people who work there to lie. If they lie then they are rewarded, but if they tell the truth they are either terminated from their position or, in some cases, punished. Along with the terrible work conditions in the factories outside of the United States, the employees who work within the U.S. are treated terribly. From the amount they are paid to the discrimination to the lies that they tell. “In 2001, the average pay of a Wal-Mart worker was $8.23 per hour, more than two dollars less per hour than the average supermarket employee wage of $10.35 per hour. Furthermore, Wal-Mart associates only average 32 hours a week, causing many

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