Violence In Our World Essay

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Violence in Our World Some people feel that violence is on the rise in our world, but the reality is that society is no more violent now than it was during civilization. Violence has been in existence for centuries and the world only seems more violent now because new forms of weapons and methods of violence have been developed as well as the fact that media coverage and the internet allow for more publication of instances of violence worldwide. Biblical Violence The Bible is full of references of violence, including individual and state violence. The first mention of violence in the Old Testament is the conflict between two brothers, Cain and Abel, which led one to murder the other out of jealousy. The first mention of war is in Genesis 14, when Abram and his army fought against kings who kidnapped his nephew. Another well known conflict occurred between the nations of Egypt and Israel, sparked by the Israelites being held captive in slavery in Egypt. Violent acts such as stoning, beheading, and crucifixions, similar to the method that Jesus Christ endured, were common as methods of punishment and were often viewed as acceptable. From the beginning of civilization, violence has been a part of mankind and continued to exist in the centuries to follow. Medieval Violence The medieval era seems to have been one of the more violent periods in the history of civilization. During the 15th and 16th centuries, torture and public executions by way of beheading were quite common. Crowds, often comprised of families, would gather to witness the executions and cheer on the executioner. A public execution was the event of the day and part of the normal routine of several townships. Many areas also witnessed rebellions, riots and revolts amongst the common peasants. “These [rebellions] not only involved the legitimate use of

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