Imperialism And Human Brutality Essay

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Katherine Biggers Jackson Period: 5B Imperialism and Human Brutality Imperialism and human abuse was horrible in the 19th century. It was taking place all over the world. It started in Africa around the mid 1400’s and still goes on in some parts of the world today. Some of the major offenses of human brutality and imperialism took place in Africa and Europe in the 19th century. The Berlin Conference was most likely the worst example of imperialism and racism. Fourteen European nations and the United States met in Berlin to divide Africa themselves, but not one African was allowed in the conference or a say so in the division. Henry Stanley hired King Leopold the Second to Congo River Valley for Belgium. Leopold invaded Central…show more content…
Their success was exploitation and murder. Within the 15 years of the VOC’s arrival, the Islands’ population decreased from 15,000 to 600. The VOC leaders never got more compassionate, later the punishment was execution for stealing or unauthorized growing of nutmeg or pepper. The Dutch East India Company couldn’t keep a monopoly on spices. The VOC’s biggest competiton was the British East India Company. The British succeeded in conquering India. The British abused the Indians so much that the Indian states revolted and the British government had to take over the country. The British and the VOC were rivals and were always fighting for control over spice trade. The Brits and Dutch signed a treaty in 1619, which allowed the British 1/3 of the spice industry and gave the Dutch the rest. In 1623, the British East India Factory in the Pacific was attacked by the Dutch. The ones who died immediately were lucky because the survivors were tortured and then were killed. After the collapse of imperialism, many countries regained control of their land and changed their names back to what they were before. Imperialism and slavery were so horrendous back then. Later in history, other cruel leaders used the methods used during the time of imperialism and applied them to their leadership. Most of the time causing great destruction and
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