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Venus in Fur Essay

  • Submitted by: glamsicle
  • on December 2, 2013
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Venus in Fur is a sensuous, erotic yet sophisticated play by David Ives, directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskanda. The play is currently being held at the DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT from 15th March to 6th April and it is definitely a chance not to be missed. Venus in Fur is a modern day adaptation of the novella by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose name inspired the term ‘masochism’ – a notion encircling the sexually-charged events that unfold between the playwright, Thomas (played by Anson Mount), and the aspiring actress Vanda (played by Steffanie Leigh), who turns up unceremoniously late (and drenched) for her audition for the lead role in Thomas’s play. On the surface, Venus in Fur appears to be nothing more than that of entertainment value, appealing to the general audience with its spectacle of sounds, lights, non-stop humor and delicious eroticism. Yet upon digging deeper, the savvy viewer would soon realize that Venus in Fur is more than what meets the eye. Beneath the veneer of light-heartedness, humor and theatricality, the play reveals itself to be in fact a complex “play-within-a-play” that contemplates and evaluates more serious matters, as seen in the engendered themes of the play: power play between gender, the debunking of gender constructs and the “oppressiveness” of the patriarchal society.
The opening scene of Venus in Fur was indeed a sight to behold - it was an audio-visual cacophony of flashing lightning, clapping thunder, lashing rain, flapping paper and frenzied rattling of windows, which threw the audience immediately into a world of seeming chaos. Undoubtedly, my interest was immediately piqued as I was enthralled by this rich audio-visual feast that was executed with such striking and remarkable resemblance to a scene out of a movie (and perhaps even reality!), despite the “incompleteness” (the audition room lacks a roof and proper walls) and inherent “artificiality” of the stage setting.  We soon realize that this chaotic scene is in fact a...

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