Historical Hypocrisy In Moliere's Tartuffe

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I find Moliere’s play, Tartuffe, to be entertaining for the underlying message of historical hypocrisy which it sheds to light. After reading the comedy of Tartuffe, I can only agree that it is an intellectual whirlwind of classical genius which tantalizes even the modern mind by echoing to us the importance of scrutinizing the narratives and analyzing the flaws and follies alike which are evident even within our own era. Tartuffe stands out to me because of the power that resonated from the creation of this societal satire and the fact that unlike other works of the era which were forced to fall in line with a strict code of adherence generated by the aristocracy of the classical era, this piece served as a direct challenge to the narrative…show more content…
ope to poor.Much like how an artist decisively selects the right canvas, colors, and sets the proper lighting effects to bring to life the proper image of work which they hold in their mind, Moliere skillfully crafts an array of characters who in their own further the depth of the play and right bring to life the…show more content…
With Tartuffe, we clearly see this with him serving as the over the top comical relief who in serving as the central piece which discredits and challenges the sanctity of the clergy and associated aristocrats, also utilizes his aloofness to sustain the comical aesthetic throughout the development of the play. Moliere’s work also stands out to me as being a signature entertaining piece of classical work due to his emphasis on utilizing the neoclassical unities of time, place, and action throughout the fullness of the work. Unlike Shakespearean works which include numerous microcosms of events and are suffocated by an extensive and at times confusing network of complicated and long-winded subplots, Tartuffe stands as a work which for all intents and purposes appears to be more direct in the progression of events. It utilizes a single major plot which carries over throughout and is influenced very little by external events or the complex intricacies of other developments between the characters, allowing for a more streamlined and enjoyable

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