The Use Of Body Language In Dating

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The Use Of Body Language In Dating Reading body language can be used for many purposes, in many situations. A good sales person can read the body language of their potential customer to try and make a sale, a business person to make a deal, police when interviewing a suspect, or someone dating, to be more appealing, or judge wether their date is interested in them. Since 55 percent of communication is body language, and only 7 percent spoken word, it is important to know what your body language is saying about you. The best conversationalist in the world won’t convince someone to date them if it’s mumbled through negative body language. Understanding body language, others and your own can help a great deal in social situations. “Most relationships are formed or dismissed within the first five minutes of meeting.” (Tracey Cox 2005) Since we use small talk when first meeting someone, we know little of their personality, so are forced to rely on deciphering their non verbal messages to base attraction on. Body language is especially important in dating, so you can make your own body language approachable, be able to notice open body language in others to choose who to make advances towards, figuring out if they are attracted to you on dates, and gauging reactions to your advances. Making sure your body language is open and approachable increases your chances of being hit on. Closed postures paired with negative gestures or facial expressions make you seem disinterested in the situation, and possibly hostile, and certainly unapproachable. Simply by making eye contact and smiling at people, uncrossing your arms, unbuttoning your jacket and tilting your body towards others can open your body language, and make a big difference to how you are perceived by others. By displaying gender appropriate courtship gestures, and watching for responses of courtship gestures
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