Us Involvement In Vietnam Analysis

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1.The United States was very reluctant to intervene in both World Wars. With the global nature of World War 2, the U.S. became interested in global politics. After WWII, the Soviet leadership refused to introduce free elections despite promising to. In Asia, China fell to the Communists in 1949, and the Korean War raged on for 3 years. After major losses by French forces in Vietnam, U.S. became involved in trying to ensure the success of the non-communist South Vietnamese government. American presidents believed in the domino theory, that if if one country in Asia fell to the communists, the others would also become communist. Thus the United States intervened actively in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. 2. "How the U.S. Got…show more content…
GOT INVOLVED IN VIETNAM Introduction This article tries to answer a special question... how did the US get involved in Vietnam? Though the question is an old one, it should still hold some interest, for the facts behind US involvement in Vietnam paint a very different history than the popular one taught in our schools, or the history of the war which is currently being rewritten to match the public's highly emotional memories of the Kennedy "Camelot" years. You may debate whether someone's intention was one thing or another, but the historical record speaks for itself. The information contained in this article did not come from unreliable sources. Much of it is contained within our government's own prehistory of the war which it fought so hard to keep from the American public - the documents which later became known as the Pentagon Papers. When one delves into the Pentagon Papers it becomes immediately clear why the government wanted them kept secret, for they expose the many lies that our government generated in order to get the American people strongly behind the war effort. Yet, the importance of these documents goes beyond their intrinsic historical value since they establish a precedence of governmental deceit that would be practiced again and
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