Unjust Laws Essay

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Are we morally obliged to obey unjust laws? Do we have to follow a law regardless of how unfair, unjust, or immoral it may be? The only reason that these laws must be followed is because they are the law. But if you’re caught in a situation where the “unjust” law needs to be broken would you create civil disobedience and take a stand for what you believe in? In the article, America’s unjust sex laws it’s giving a detail analysis on the strict laws designated for sex-offender across the globe. The article speaks on issues that may hinder the offender from having a normal lifestyle, after being rehabilitated such as finding employment, social, and educational opportunities, the sex offender label may prevent these individuals from starting a new life and making new acquaintances, with the result that it may be extremely difficult for them to discard their criminal patterns. Furthermore, despite the severity of the crime “committed” the offenders are obliged to register publically. In most states their names, addresses, and photographs published online. Megan's law violates Double Jeopardy, which prevents a criminal from being tried, convicted or punished for the same offense twice. By having their name publicly published as a sex offender, the offender will continue his life as one of punishment, even after they have fulfilled their sentence. The textbook states that an arrest is a person brought into “custody or deprives a person of freedom for having allegedly committed a criminal offense.” We are taught that arrest are made only when the officers, has sufficient amount of legal evidence, that is of probable cause. In reading the article a lot of registered sex offenders are under aged teens, which have had a consensual sex act, indecent exposure with sending inappropriate photos via text. In which, the “law” indentifies it as a crime and the offender will be
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