Unit 4 P3

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P3 Explain the influence of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the development on an individual Predictable Getting your first job It is inevitable that a person will be getting their first job. A person’s first job is a big thing for everyone and will affect them in a number of ways. Firstly it may have a physical effect on them. They may take up a job that requires them to be on their feet for their whole shift, which may be something that they are not used to. So for the first few weeks of their job they may feel fatigued after work and tired more often. It is also possible that they will lose weight and possibly gain muscle which in turn may make them fitter. A person will develop intellectually for a number of reasons. Firstly some jobs require training so they will be gaining knowledge on their job role and how particular task need to be carried out. A person will have more responsibility in work, which will affect there day to day life. As well as being more responsible they will be more independent as they will have money to be able to do more things. Being more responsible and more independent, means that they will develop a more mature way of thinking. They can be affected emotionally in two different ways positively or negatively. They may feel better emotionally because of the fact that they have a job; this is because they would have earned the money themselves, which to many would be a personal achievement and a ‘step up’ in life leading them to feel better about themselves. Another reason that having a job could affect them in a positive way is because they feel that they do not have to rely on their parents’ income and can spend their money how and when they want to. On the other hand work may be very hard on them which could lead to them feeling stressed or could possibly cause them to suffer from depression if work

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