Should Good Grades=Money ?

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Do you think students would get better grades if they got paid? Some parents say that paying their children really works for them. Students should get paid for good grades because paying students is a great motivator, they will work harder, and they will more likely get higher scores and more improved grades. To begin with, students should get paid because money is an excellent motivator for students. Everyone else gets paid, for example if a janitor does a bad job, they still get their paycheck. Most students will do whatever it takes to get money most of the times. To receive money is like receiving a reward for doing their best in school. Students will feel a lot better about themselves for getting rewarded with something. After getting paid from superior grades, students are more likely to stay in school. They will also feel more encouraged by getting rewarded. Some people say money doesn’t make a difference, but most people say it does. Money is one of the things that can help kids listen better. Another reason is that it will make students work much harder than before. When students do their best, they learn better. 67% surveyed said that students should get paid for good grades. When students work hard and get rewarded for good grades, they start to become more organized and less frustrated. In order to be able to get the grades the students want, they have to work for it. Once students get rewarded for their grades, they have a greater chance of not staying after school, and a greater chance of being caught up with everything else. Students will work harder, learn more, and will be more organized with homework. The last reason why, is that students would get higher test scores and better grades. When students test scores and grades improve, they would feel proud of themselves. Some parents say that paying students really improves grades. Even if it’s
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