Unit 1 - Developing Effective Communication/ M3

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In this task, it will provide a chart of the communication skills that was shown whilst at placement in a health and social care environment. It will grade all of the communication skills and write a detailed description of the explanation and justification of the grade that has been given. Introduction In my placement, I attended Care First Ltd. Care First Ltd is a college for adults with learning difficulties between the ages of 20-50 years. It helps the young adults to learn life skills, gaining them a qualification in either wood work or bikes. The young adults make products out of wood such as bird tables, hedgehog houses and different types of furniture, for example chairs and tables. Students find attending the course enjoyable and love communicating with members of their group, members of staff and visitors. I found some of the clients fairly difficult to communicate with some of the clients as they too found it difficult to get the message put across due to their lack of communication skills due to their mental disabilities. Some of the clients were unable to follow simple instructions and when they behaved unacceptably, most times were unable to understand what they had done wrong. Key 1 - Very Good 2 - Good 3 - Okay 4 - Bad 5 - Very Bad Key 1 - Very Good 2 - Good 3 - Okay 4 - Bad 5 - Very Bad Skill Of Communication | Grade given | Explanation and justification of grade | Eye Contact | 2 | The reason for this grade is because one’s self felt that I maintained eye contact very well. However, this area could be improved as eye contact was not maintained for a long enough duration. This could be improved by maintaining eye contact but making sure both myself as well as the client feels comfortable to talk. | Active Listening | 1 | The reason for this grade is because one’s self thought I actively listened exceedingly well,

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