Unethical Versus Ethical Leadership

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Unethical versus Ethical Leadership Leaders at AIG argued that they were obligated to pay bonuses to executives even after the company was bailed out by the U.S. government because of the company’s contracts with these executives. Do you think this is a legitimate argument from an ethical standpoint? I truly believe that this situation was very unethical. Sure the leaders thought they were entitled to the bonuses. But logically, the bonuses were for business productivity. How was the business productive if they received federal bailout money? It was said that the bonus money was in their contracts. Their clients took major loses and they take the bonus. I think that a business leader needs to act and conduct themselves in the best interests of their employees, and clients. This paying of multi million dollars spent on bonus for the executives is a huge ethical dilemma. The tax payers didn’t even get their money back prior the disbursement of the bonuses. This is the type of leadership that is stewardship but with bad unethical decisons As a leader, you can put the needs interests, and goals of others above your own and use your personal gifts to help others achieve their potential. The questionnaire in Leader’s Self: Insight 6.2 enables you to evaluate your leadership approach along the dimensions of authoritarian leadership, participative leadership, stewardship, and servant leadership. Complete the questionnaire and score your responses. In at least one paragraph, and in your own words, describe the four leadership approaches and how they differ. Provide one example of each style. Then describe your results and explain your agreement/disagreement with the outcomes. Is it what you expected? There are four approaches;

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