Troy vs the Illiad

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In eighth century BC, an epic poem was written entitled the Iliad. This poem is an extensive, graphic poem about war and death. It takes place in Greece when the hoplite warrior ruled. Nearly three thousand years later in the year 2004 AD, an epic movie was made as an adaptation of this epic poem. That movie was named Troy. These two epics share several similarities, but they are also different in their own ways. Among all the differences there is none that is more noticeable than the involvement of the gods. The movie Troy gives a very different look at the gods and their involvement than the poem the Iliad. The Iliad is very heavily influenced by the gods, while the gods in Troy are relatively unimportant. The Iliad was written in a time where there was a god for everything. There was a god for the sun, the sea, war, and all the other aspects of life. During the time of the Iliad, gods were consulted and looked upon for every matter. When something good happened it was a “blessing from the gods” and if something bad happened it was a “curse from the gods.” During this time people did everything in their power to please these gods, so as to not anger them. The gods in the Iliad played a very major role. Since the movie Troy is considered an adaptation of the Iliad one would think that the involvement of the gods would be about the same, but that assumption would be wrong. During the time of the movie Troy, gods and divine being were very played down and thought outdated. Although the makers of the movie did a good job, for the most part, of following the story and its main principles that Homer had in the Iliad, it does lack the overall involvement of the gods. Troy puts its modern day spin on what mainstream society thinks of gods and the divine. All throughout the poem, the Iliad, the gods were present. The war over Troy caused a divide among

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