Torture Scandal Analysis

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Valtin warns us to Beware Misdirection on Torture Scandal (The "DDD" Story) and explains some of the psychology and techniques used so we do not become complacent. (Cordelia Lear) fatbyjhnsn challenges America's faith in education as he explains why Public Schools Cannot Completely Solve Our Children’s Problems. (ybruti) Ana Maria is Not Buying Bush’s Buyout Plan for the storm-damaged Southeastern U.S. (Unitary Moonbat) Louisiana 1976 examines unusual disparities in recovery funding allocations to the Gulf States in Divide And Conquer: Bush's Gulf Strategy. (hhex65) Our own founding fathers might not have been protected by the Geneva Conventions. Vox Libertas makes the case for expanding Geneva Convention coverage in the beautifully written In Concord, The Minuteman – Unlawful Patriot? (twilight falling)…show more content…
seeking out the most vulnerable and fragile. (Cordelia Lear) To learn how our primary system has developed over the years, see Why this nominating process matters by Tony Rose. (ybruti) In this ongoing series on Presidential candidates' views on immigration, Suman Drum Major Institute analyzes Fred Thompson's views in In What are the Candidates Saying on Immigration? Fred Thompson on Immigration. (vcmvo2) First-time diarist CarolT writes Of Baseball and Blind Spots and the Cleveland Indians’ objectionable Chief Wahoo mascot. (joyful) TimCbrowne explains why Jimmy Carter is a stabilizing force in the world when he answers a question about whether he thinks that America tortures in Jimmy Carter: "I know" America tortures. (vcmvo2) Elise has Top Comments. Enjoy these excellent diaries, and please promote your own favorites from the past 24 hours in this open thread!

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